"Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul."  Thomas Mann

May 2019 Newsletter

President's Message

Eileen Nonemaker


Bringing Out Your

Inner Sunshine

“Let a smile be your umbrella, on a rainy, rainy day”* was a hit song  the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s sung by the Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby and Perry Como… just ask your mom or your grandmother if you don’t recognize those names.  This is not a discussion of April showers bringing May flowers, but one about our “inside” weather – our inner sunshine.

Having come from the Northeast, more specifically New York and New Jersey, Rob and I were not really accustomed to people making eye contact, saying hello and smiling – especially when we did not know them. We recognized this friendliness after we joined the YMCA. Every morning we were greeted by smiles and “good morning”. It’s amazing how much a great smile means to another person.

A sincere smile has very powerful magic and we all should practice that magic more often. Sometimes we are tired or grumpy and don’t feel like smiling, but that’s when we need to smile the most. We often have to dig deep and create that inner spirit to help ourselves deal with the ups and downs that accompany adult life. And the amazing thing is that when we do that, we make ourselves feel better and it affects those around us.

There is a process in creating, exhibiting and holding onto that bright spirit within us. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years:

  • Avoid newspapers or just stick with the comics
  • Avoid the news
  • Keep a mirror at your desk. Practice smiling, especially when on the telephone
  • Hang around with happy, upbeat people
  • Avoid getting caught up in gossip and others’ drama
  • Pay it forward – buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive thru
  • Hold the door for the person following you through a doorway, male or female, and smile
  • Let the car next to you get in front of you at a merge
  • Laugh at yourself

    Being happy and consequently making others happy is a behavior that often takes focus and effort until it becomes natural. It can easily become contagious. So, here is my challenge…no matter what the outside weather is…rainy or sunny, windy or cool…see how many people you can make smile on any given day. Bring out your inner sunshine and help someone else find theirs.




    Tuesday, May 7  5:30-7:00 p.m.   Dinner at the Chelsea

    Connecting and Balancing the Dots

    Nancy Nelson Difede presently runs Precision Moulding and Woodworks, Inc., on George Street in New Bern.  Precision is a family business that was started over a century ago in England.  Nancy moved to New Bern from Houston in 1981 and in 1989 purchased and refurbished the abandoned building that is now the home of Precision.

    Nancy will show us how she connected the dots during 20 years in marketing & consulting, through four years in the Army, many travels, raising a family and taking over the family business. Her story touches on being a female leader in a male dominated industry.

    Wednesday, May 15 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.   

    Lunch at the NBG&CC

    Regional Healthcare - Connecting the Dots

    Jill Thompson, executive director of CarolinaEast Foundation, will connect the dots for our members regarding health care in our area during our lunch meeting.  She will share relevant and exciting news about CarolinaEast.

    1. What resources we have to care for our community's health (Did you see our hospital's latest high ranking in cardiovascular health - Wow!);
    2. What we're going to have (It's exciting the level of care we have and will have across the spectrum of health needs without leaving town); and very importantly;
    3. How we as a community connect others with needed health care (CarolinaEast Foundation provides necessary funding support to many patients, caregivers and health care non-profit organizations).



    Dinner Dessert Sponsor - Thank you, Eileen

    As a leading consulting firm in the US, Paradigm Associates can provide you insight, foresight and proven processes.  We help our clients develop and align strategy, people, and processes to achieve Breakthrough Thinking for their Real World. Who is helping you?

    Eileen Nonemaker, Business Coach/Sales Consultant




    Lunch Dessert Sponsor - Thank you, Camilla

    We carry clothing and shoes for both casual style and active outdoor living.  Health & Beauty products that make you feel great.  Distinctive jewelry, gifts and cards. For your home, find decor and outdoor furniture.  And for the end of the day, pick up a lovely bottle of wine.

    Camilla Wheeler, Owner, Nautical Wheelers




    202-A Craven Street, New Bern




    Barbara Krcmar, MERCI Clinic

    Debby Lutz, Travel by Debby Lutz

    Schuey Sampson, Retired


    We'll miss you but... we have a Missed Meal Policy: 

    We understand things happen, but unless you cancel your reservation by 12 noon on the Monday prior to the luncheon or dinner event, due to our advanced guarantee obligations, you must pay for the meal you missed.  We'd rather have you attend, but if you can't, be sure to let us know by the deadline. It's not personal, it's CWF's bottom line.


    "You can't have a bad day in polka dots."  Anna Kendrick

    Join us for dinner on Thursday June 6th at the New Bern Golf and Country Club.  In keeping with our "Connect the Dots" theme, this year’s Hat Social theme will be “Polka Dots.”  Get your creative hats on and start thinking about what polka dots mean to you, how you have connected the dots with your CWF sisters this year or anything else dots.   

    The contest categories include:

    Most Outrageous, Head to Toe, Most Colorful, Vintage, Most Connected  

    Promote CWF and Enhance Your Marketing

    If you would like to let your customers and colleagues know that you are a proud member of CWF,  we have added a Logo Usage Request Form on the website.  On the far, top right of the home page, there is a drop-down screen that links you to the form with submission instructions.  Please follow the process to get the approved logo file.



    We're Making It Personal

    At BearTownBaskets, we've started offering personalized ceramic mugs for Your Business. If you’re trying to boost business, personalized coffee mugs can make a lasting impact on your customers. 

    • Retail stores 
    • Coffee shops
    • Real Estate

    Everyone else can take advantage of the many uses of custom-made mugs. A custom ceramic coffee mug is something that will stick around in your clients' offices/homes for a long time. 

    Email brenda@beartownbaskets, mention this you saw this ad in the Coastal Women's Forum newsletter and get CWF discounted price of $7 each with your logo (Minimum order 5). One logo per cup, pictures are additional.


    Beauty Showcase

    Join Beauty of Healthy Living for our Product Showcase event, Spring Into Health + Beauty!

    • Explore + test our products
    • Get a FREE digital skin health analysis
    • Free samples
    • Raffle prizes
    • Snacks + refreshments




    Saturday, May 4 @ 2 PM

    111 Joshua Norman Dr., New Bern, NC 28562

    Contact Angelica Roman 919.770.4210 | beautyofhealthyliving@gmail.com 


    Vacation Projections

    May signals the start of summer and it’s time to begin planning all your vacation adventures. Whether you are heading out for a week at the beach or a weekend in the mountains, you’ve got to know that Fluffy and Rex are lovingly cared for in your absence. Call Jeanne Crockett of Crockett’s Critter Care now to have a professional care for your pets the way you would. Crockett’s team of pet pros will step in to maintain your pets’ feeding and exercise schedules. Plus, they will also tenderly handle the senior pet with special needs or the youngster that requires extra attention.

    Jeanne Crockett’s team is bonded and insured which means you are hiring trained professionals to care for your beloved pet whether furry, feathered, or finned. For Fear Free professional pet sitting and dog walking go to crockettscrittercare.com, contact Jeanne by email , or call her at 252.635.2655.


    "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them."  A.A. Milne

    Enjoy tending to your garden beds but remember:

    • Stretch those muscles.
    • Take a relaxing Epsom salts & essential oil bath after your garden workout to prevent soreness. 
    • Call or email to schedule that much needed Monthly Maintenance Massage Session.

    Elise A. Medenbach, LMBT Massage Therapy

    Glenburnie Professional Center

    1425 South Glenburnie Road,   Suite 6

    New Bern,  NC    28560


    252 474-6118


    It's Our Community

    Craven County Clean Sweep sponsors four annual clean up events on the first Saturdays of February, May, August and October to help keep New Bern streets and waterways free of litter.  Choose the day that fits your schedule!

    It’s your choice to help out in any of these ways: by walking along the streets in your own neighborhood; by using your boat to clean up a waterway; by meeting with others at Craven County Administration Building’s parking lot, 406 Craven Street on that Saturday at 9AM to be assigned a spot or by simply picking any other “trashy” area that’s been bothering you. The amount of time you spend on this is totally up to you – it can be 15 minutes or a few hours.  Bags will be provided.  The bags will, also, be picked up where you leave them so you do not have to carry them to another spot!  

    For more information, call 633-1477.


    Simple legal coverage starts here.

    Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield

    Call me to discuss your needs and how we can help.  

    Karen Monroe

    LegalShield Independent Associate

    Personal, Small Business and Group


    C:  757.343.4312


    A tickler for your calendar


    How healthy is your grey matter?

    Are you dealing with insomnia, declining memory, scattered attention, difficult learning or chronically high levels of stress?  And medications don't always work so well over a long period of time.  At Rise Radiantly with Martha, your wellness is planned with alternative, natural solutions that are customized to your health needs.   We change out the products in your home that will support your health and now we are offering a program that is a simple brain-based process that boosts your brain and speeds your healing.  Call Martha to schedule a no obligation consultation @ 252.269.5171 

    There is one thing that matters … and that is YOUR health.

    Martha Smith Massaad
    *Transform Your Health with Planet & People Friendly Products*
    **Ask about the SMART way to go GREEN!

    Checkout lifestyle changes for you:



    Just what is body burden?

    Body burden is a term that refers to the total accumulation of toxins in your body.  There are three ways chemicals can enter our body :    Inhalation, ingestion, or touching.  Some only stay for a short period, but others accumulate in fatty tissue and organs.  The greater the accumulation, the greater the stresses on your health.

    Reducing your body burden requires an active approach.  Norwex offers healthy solutions.  Clean with microfiber and water; eliminate all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, dusting spray, degreaser, floor cleaner, and bathroom cleaner.  And not to mention improving the environment by eliminating paper towels!  Win-Win!

    Be smart about what you allow into your life.  It will affect future generations!

    You will learn more about body burden and see impressive demonstrations when you host a Norwex party.  Book now and educate your friends!

    Mary Ellen Crisp, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant





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